Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First Blog

Finally, I am posting my first blog! I'm not as technically advanced as I seem. My days have been long and full here in the Philippines. That is one reason I haven’t had a post until now. One other thing that caused me not to post sooner is the picture slideshow at the very top of the page. My internet speed is not the best for uploading pictures so it took a while to upload all the pictures I wanted to that slideshow. I have been able to post most of my pictures to Facebook so I hope you all have been able to see those.

My trip here has been a very awesome experience so far, and it only gets better each day. I am staying at the lovely Jun N’ Dell Apartelle in Davao City My room has everything I need; internet, refrigerator, private bath, cable tv, a small desk, a comfortable bed, A/C, a small cooking area outside for the tenants, and a small store with food and drinks.

The apartment is located within a 2 minute walk of the main highway where I am able to get transit whenever I need to go somewhere.

Oh yes, I have the blessing of having my own personal tour guide, my beautiful Janlie! She has also taught me so much about the culture, the language, and everything here! Salamat Tahskiee 

Transit here includes cabs, jeepneys, pedicabs (motorcycle with a sidecar), personally owned bicycles, or by foot. When you are riding in a jeepney remember not to hang your arm out of the window otherwise you may lose it because drivers here seem to see just how close they can come to hitting another vehicle without touching it. Also, when the jeepney seems like it has reached its maximum number of occupants you can still add five more Filipino sized people, and possibly one American sized person. Jeepneys cost eight pesos per person and cabs start at 40 pesos per ride. The usual exchange for one U.S. dollar is forty-three pesos.

The first three days I was here I attended what is named the YP Conference or Young People’s Conference. This was an awesome time to listen to the elders there teach and lead their youth. I was given the honor to share with the youth as well. I will write a subsequent post about the church’s here.

Many people ask how I am adjusting to the lifestyle here. Honestly, because of the Army I have learned to adjust very quickly wherever I go. The weather is very similar to that of where I live in Texas; hot and humid. The humidity is greater here though! Daybreak is usually around 5:30 am and sunset is around 6 pm. I will also make a subsequent post comparing American culture and lifestyle to that of the Philippines.

Well, that is all for now. I will give more details in other posts. If you have questions ask away, and I will do my best to answer!

For His Glory,


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  1. Dude good pics man I went through all 341 lol. I'm really glad you guys are doing well. Be blessed man, and let me know if you've gotten a chance to witness. Peace bro.