Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Question Asked and an Answer Given

Oh, by the way she said yes... as if I didn't already know the answer!

First Blog

Finally, I am posting my first blog! I'm not as technically advanced as I seem. My days have been long and full here in the Philippines. That is one reason I haven’t had a post until now. One other thing that caused me not to post sooner is the picture slideshow at the very top of the page. My internet speed is not the best for uploading pictures so it took a while to upload all the pictures I wanted to that slideshow. I have been able to post most of my pictures to Facebook so I hope you all have been able to see those.

My trip here has been a very awesome experience so far, and it only gets better each day. I am staying at the lovely Jun N’ Dell Apartelle in Davao City My room has everything I need; internet, refrigerator, private bath, cable tv, a small desk, a comfortable bed, A/C, a small cooking area outside for the tenants, and a small store with food and drinks.